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We started Weatherstone Homes in the mid 90’s. We have always strived to provide our homeowners with a high quality home. Notes like the one below are why we do what we do on a daily basis. We are very proud to have met the expectations of this homeowner and we are thankful for all the members of our team who helped make it happen.

“Jeff and Jill,

We want to thank you for the time and care you two have taken to build us the “perfect” home. When we began this journey, we had no idea what to expect having never built a home. But you guys made it a very positive experience guiding us through every step of the process, and you continue to provide the same level of exceptional customer service as we work on the finishing touches. We want to thank you for always being so positive and responsive to our calls and requests. Your personal commitment to your clients is what sets Weatherstone Homes apart from other builders. We not only got a beautiful home out of this deal, but as an added bonus, feel we forged some new friendships in the process. Again, thanks for everything.

You guys are the BEST!

Steve and Tanga Chapman”

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